About wallet api

I developed an app, written in php, based on the browser, which requires login. In addition to the base aepp or waellet plugin in the current solution, it seems that there is no good api solution.

I hope he can have a unified login, such as base aepp scanning QR code, or some other trusted website to provide api. I have some communication with Chinese developers, they are not very willing to develop it, because it involves financial security, they do not want to take this risk.


Having a universal login within AE as an API or an embedded/white label solution is very beneficial indeed.

There are aexpansions working towards wallets performing the tasks they need to perform in a consistent way. This is a slightly different solution to the same problem (clear/efficient account handling).

The base aepp offers a number of options around account handling:

  • embedding a UI-less version of the base aepp inside your aepp to handle accounts
  • opening your aepp inside the Base aepp

There is also the Waellet extension.

As far as current options for white labeling/API: have you looked into https://arkane.network/ solution? Their plan is to fully support AE, which is why the Java SDK was written originally.

as @stoyan_ae already mentioned you should be able to use ArkaneNetwork to perform Spend-Transactions.

at some point in the future Arkane will probably also provide smart contract support. but there is currently no ETA regarding that.