Abuja Conference for NACOSS

Aeternity was invited to the National Association of Computer Science Students (NACOSS) conference which was slated for 15th to 19th October, 2019 to talk about blockchain and how the members of the association can plug into the aeternity ecosystem. I was able to pitch aeternity and mainly spoke about the 3rd round of Starfleet and how startups have been funded some startups and the willing to do more. Citing SafeRide Africa as a very good example of one of the Daepp that runs on aeternity which is from Africa. I also spoke about how Daepps can be deployed on aeternity and how we are using the State channel solutions to solve scalability on the blockchain. I was able to refer them to dacade.org to learn more and to also try out the aeternity101 course.

The Leaders of NACOSS promised to connect me to members of their association who are working of some startups for a possible discussion on integrating blockchain functionalities into their Daepps and also deploying on the aeternity blockchain.

here is a brief video: