Abuja Meetups Nigeria

Yesterday was awesome because we interacted very well with this wonderful community, I was able to talk about aeternity and how the blockchain can be used. We were able to come up with a use case of intensive farming which includes both livestock and crops all in the same location, and how the blockchain platform would help in achieving that.

Using blockchain technology, if farm origination details, such as: batch numbers, factory and processing data, expiration dates, storage temperatures and shipping details could be digitally recorded on the blockchain, it could become possible to more quickly and easily verify the history, location and status of a particular food product. This enhanced end-to-end traceability would significantly improve the transparency and efficiency of the food supply chain.

We also came up with another use case of student records for schools.

With the use of a blockchain-based platform, school administrators can manage and consolidate information about students, whether these come from multiple schools or from non-traditional learning experiences like home-schooling, vocational schools, apprenticeships, or online courses. The digital trail which comes with blockchain technology allows the information to be kept secure and tamper-proof. It also allows for the addition of information with every enrollment. It can serve as a digital transcript, which may later help the individual when he or she applies for a job in the future. Companies benefit as well, as they may easily verify the information the student provides via the platform.


Great use cases Nafty! Please feel free to post a community initiative if you have a good showcase for æternity’s state channels and/or oracles in the food industry. Can you please detail more about you would make use of state channels and oracles in the two use cases you named?

Also here are the videos from Nafty’s meetup last month:

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@Aetothemoon, please open a new thread and express your opinions there. The æmbassadors category has a different purpose.

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