Abuja new year meetup


It is wonderful to start the new year with Aeternity Blockchain meetup where i briefly explain blockchain 101 to my new attendees after that we generally had a discussion about the loopholes in other blockchain platforms like bitcoin and ethereum. We talked about Aeternity and how we can trade with AE coin, We discussed a use case of modern poultry farm, a one stop shop for poultry products. I had 25 participants though 4 left, it was great to have this people around.


Hey @Nafty

Thank you for this photo and for your support!
Share some more details about that poultry idea and other use cases you’ve discussed.



In poultry farming we usually have the farmers who rear the birds, supplier buy from the farmers and sell to processors who then pass it on to distributors who then sells to retailers who make it available for regulators and consumers. But in our case we discussed the problem consumers encounter as a result of this supply chain, which narrowed down to the event of contaminated chicken, with the steps involved it make it hard to trace where the problem originated, and that’s where aeternity comes in, the blockchain per to per decentralized computers will maintain such distributed digital list of transactions available for everyone so they get to know the state and origin food for their transactions, with this kind of transparency in the chain, traceability becomes easy. So for it to be successful it has to be a one stop shop. From farmer to distributor.


Yes, exactly, and that way you get rid of all those intermediaries who accumulate profits at the expense of the producers. Cool.