Abuja Nigeria Aeternity Blockchain Meetup


I hosted my meetup on Saturday 4/5/19 and it was very interesting because I had a nice time talking about how aeternity is promoting grass root adoption through various means. I took time to also highlight why we need to on board SMEs on the blockchain and how that can make them scale and be even more efficient because Nigeria has a lot of SMEs and that can be a great influence in the economic system of the country and deploying these SMEs on the blockchain makes it transparent and can attracts more investments.

We took time to look at a particular use case of fish farming. This is because a lot of Nigerians are into fish business and tons of fish being imported into the country. Also one of the trending issues in Nigeria is forgery of certificates and we also took time to look at how this can be put to an end by deploying a solution on the blockchain.

I also mentioned to incentivized learning of Sophia on dacade.org.