Abuja Nigeria Meetup 6/4/2019


Aeternity Blockchain we generally discussed Blockchain 101, Scalability state channel liquid governance oracle efficiency speed and security.
It’s always good talking about Aeternity Blockchain, on Saturday we had a general overview of Aeternity Blockchain which we discussed the features and uniqueness of Aeternity most importantly the incubator program which interest my participants
we also talk about how we will get our idea and pitch in at the coming hackathons organize by ambassadors.
We came up with a use case where users will get to bet peer to peer on a betting system without any intermediary, fast and user friendly and also to predict & win which we going to work with a developers community in Jos to deploy this use cases
I was ask during the meetup what if i bring up my business ideas and someone manipulate it to his own use?
How did Aeternity get to benefit from the starfleet incubator program ?


Hey @Samson, thank you for your work and support!

Concerning the questions:

  • Each business idea is highly appreciated and we at æternity value the personal experience and local/regional issues that contributed to this particular idea being born. I think everyone from the community would rather get support and valuable suggestions if they decide to share their ideas :slight_smile:
  • You all know that æternity is building a highly efficient and scalable infrastructure but it would only remain a nice experiment without useful applications created on top of it. With the Starfleet incubator, æternity is trying to close that gap - we invest in startups which in return will build their products and services on top of the æternity blockchain.

I hope that answers the questions, let me know if you need more information :slight_smile:


Yes it does thank you