Account balances when running auctions

I have a question regarding the account balances when running auctions. After the introduction of the auction system the nameFee cannot be automatically taken from the users balance because there is a certain amount of blocks until the actual claim will be final.

Can you tell me how the protocol behaves in such scenario?

  • will the amount of the nameFee be reserved by the chain and thus substracted from the current balance of an account when querying it?
    • if yes -> will the reserved nameFee immediately be released if another account makes a valid claim in the process of the auction?
  • will the nameFee to be payed not be reserved and thus not be substracted when querying the actual account balance?

The name_fee will be reserved, i.e. subtracted from the balance of the account while the account holds the highest bid.

If there is another, higher, bid the first account will immediately get its funds back.

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that was already my assumption. just wanted to get a clear statement here. thanks! =)