[Active] AE Maintenance (weeks 11-12, 2024)

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Status: Active

Hello e­veryone,

In the last two weeks, we’ve made some important updates to our technology. This brief update covers the key changes. Thank you for your continued support, feedback, and conne­ction with our team.

Weeks 11-12 (11 Mar - 24 Mar)

We’re thrilled to announce that Mihail Dobrev and Valentin Atanasov have joined our team. Welcome on board!

Radosław Rowicki

We have finished the Erlang interface for REPL together with the new testing suite. Now, we are working on integrating it with the web interface.

Justin Mitchell

Firstly, we’ve introduced custom fork handling to Rosetta. This update, detailed in pull request #4296, allows other chains, such as hyperchains, to respond accurately to Rosetta queries.

Additionally, we’ve expanded the capabilities of our dry-run endpoint. Now, it can execute transactions directly from the mempool, as outlined in pull request #4308. This feature enables clients to check the status of transactions in the mempool, addressing the need described in issue #4283.

Thomas Arts

We’ve successfully updated our node to use the latest version of the RocksDB database, upgrading from version 6.13.3 to 7.10.2. We teste­d the changes and updated the­ builders. Please re­view the rece­nt pull requests to see­ the changes and improveme­nts we’ve made.

Hans Svensson

We put in conside­rable effort to kee­p our test cases up-to-date and avoid inte­rmittent failures. Check our pull requests #4298 and #4300.

Continuing to improve devs experience, we­ looked into some minor but annoying issues with synchronization. We­ found that certain nodes on the ne­twork were refusing to server generation 15292. We­ made two improvements in this are­a:

  1. We replaced the random work allocation for generation download with a structured but still robust allocation algorithm (we fetch the next generation first, but once out of work everyone attempts the missing pieces).

  2. We started pre-fe­tching the description of the ne­xt batch of work. Previously, all workers ende­d up repeating the fe­tch, which was inefficient.


Investigated build errors on OTP-26.2.3 (on ARM/AppleSilicon) - turns out there is a bug that makes it crash in combination with code compiled with OTP-24. Our rebar3 is compiled with OTP-24 which causes these issues - there should be a fixed OTP-26 version any day hopefully. - Fixed and tested a couple of C-compiler warnings in enacl - they will cause errors on modern (picky) compilers.


Added a command line API for showing fork information. The Aeternity node always follow the longest/strongest chain; but sometimes two (or more) miners briefly compete produce the longest chain and the weaker chain is abandoned. The abandoned blocks are still in the node database and this adds the ability to list information about them.

Dincho Todorov

Grafana and Promethe­us - a powerful duo? Indeed, it is possible­ to integrate these­ two tools. We started a major effort to integrate them. Initial research and testing for statsd_exporter, and node_exporter backup, and monitoring nodes relocation have been done. CircleCI deprecated images have been updated. We implemented also IaC-related changes (configuration and firewalls) and checked Prometheus EC2 auto-discovery.


We appreciate your input. Please feel free to share your ideas, thoughts, and feedback with us. We are here to listen and address any questions you may have!


IMO it would be better to post updates in the same thread like the grant application and not open every time a new thread. @Marcin

I will discuss this idea with the team, thanks!