[Active] AE Maintenance (weeks 13-14, 2024)

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Status: Active

Hello everyone,

The past two weeks have brought us the Easter holiday and some interesting changes. Stay connected and share your feedback with us. Let’s take a look at what has been changed.

Weeks 13-14 (25 Mar - 7 Apr)

Gaith Hallak

We have some updates regarding the Sophia compiler implementation. We’re currently gearing up for the launch of a new Sophia VSCode extension. Some enhancements to the type checker have been added. Fix the serialization docs in the protocol repo Update serialization docs by ghallak · Pull Request #527 · aeternity/protocol · GitHub

Justin Mitchell

Changed debug tx to use dry run for consistency. Change debug tx in mempool endpoint to use dry run by mitchelli · Pull Request #4318 · aeternity/aeternity · GitHub

We investigated the SC FMS is stuck in a loop retrying connections. Managed to create a test to reproduce the issue

Started to fix the issue. There are two problems, the first is the retry loop, and the second is the API shouldn’t allow the client to cause the node to listen on a client-chosen port. SC FMS is stuck on infinity connection retries · Issue #4234 · aeternity/aeternity · GitHub

An issue where the hyperchain contract wouldn’t check the default directory for the consensus contract is fixed. Check our solution Load contracts from default directories by mitchelli · Pull Request #4322 · aeternity/aeternity · GitHub

Thomas Arts

We took some time­ to thoroughly review the code­ to keep the highest possible quality.

Richard Carlsson

Investigated logging and configuration issues for running on read-only file systems.

Hans Svensson

A couple of minor inconsistencies regarding error handling when using wrong FATE VM version in Ceres have been fixed. We were also active in conversation under Ceres’ proposal in the forum.

Signature literals have been added to Sophia. This means you can use the sg_... format instead of 64-byte hex literals. This change also includes more explicit handling of system-type aliases (unit, hash, and signature) such that they can be explicitly handled when encoding/decoding Sophia values. Have a look for more details here. Add signature literals by hanssv · Pull Request #505 · aeternity/aesophia · GitHub

An additional check when Txs enter the mempool has been implemented. This will reject Txs that (try to) spend to a non-payable account. https://github.com/aeternity/aeternity/pull/4321

We spent (wasted!) time debugging a sync issue in the HC demo network. It turns out that the combination of HC sync being badly designed and a bug in FATE affecting HC effectively stops sync. After a few attempts (and turning off mining) we got lucky and it is now syncing on the new node version.

Dincho Todorov

We continued the integration of Prometheus and Grafana. We created data dashboards and tuned exporters’ configurations. Moreover, Aeternity node (6.13.0) and Calldata library supporting some Ceres features have been released. We have been working also on general environments/nodes maintenance, updating infrastructure config etc.

Valentin Atanasov

Now, Ceres has raw data pointers support. We fixed also some of the defects: telemetry error when the application starts, randomly failing tests in the test suite, and tests using a non-existing column for checks.

We also investigated crash logs in the tests and worked on switching to aeternity node version 6.13.

feat: add raw data pointers support for ceres by vatanasov · Pull Request #1708 · aeternity/ae_mdw · GitHub fix: telemetry error when application starts by vatanasov · Pull Request #1716 · aeternity/ae_mdw · GitHub fix: randomly failing tests by vatanasov · Pull Request #1718 · aeternity/ae_mdw · GitHub test: change tests using nonexisting column by vatanasov · Pull Request #1720 · aeternity/ae_mdw · GitHub

Mihail Dobrev

Take a look at our latest fixes: issues there is a contract call to a name, docker logs when mounting the logs directory, randomly failing tests, and issue where syncing would break if a name changed its contract pointee. Names and oracles to adhere to v3 API have been updated as well.

feat: resolve aens name to contract address when calling contract by yaboiishere · Pull Request #1710 · aeternity/ae_mdw · GitHub fix: docker logs mount bad permissions by yaboiishere · Pull Request #1717 · aeternity/ae_mdw · GitHub https://github.com/aeternity/aehttps://github.com/aeternity/ae_mdw/pull/1710 https://github.com/aeternity/ae_mdw/pull/1725_mdw/pull/1718

Don’t hesitate­ to share your ideas, thoughts, and fee­dback with us. Keep an eye­ out for updates!