[Active] AE Maintenance (weeks 14-16, 2024)

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Hello Community,

Get ready for the latest updates! Let’s look at what has been changed.

Weeks 14-16 (8 Apr - 21 Apr)

Over the past two weeks, following the closure of voting and the confirmation of final results, we published the first Ceres release candidate.

Hans Svensson

Investigating, prototyping, and measuring a checked DB-mode. The fastest way to get an Aeternity node up and running is to start from a DB snapshot. However, skipping (most of) the sync means that the data in the DB (the Merkle Patricia Trees, transactions, etc) is not checked. From a node/network perspective, this is not a problem, once the data is used consensus (root hash, etc) will ensure its correctness. Still, it isn’t nice to have to trust the DB snapshot provider. Because of this, and because of the nature of the MPTs it is possible to add a check on read, to validate the data on-the-fly. Preliminary results are that this adds about 4% to block operations. We still need to conduct some additional measurements, but we will likely introduce this as an optional feature. Now, after DB-performance tests with more runs on different hardware; confirming the performance drop at 3-5%.

Reviewing and merging PRs in preparation for the Ceres protocol upgrade, should it be accepted by the community. There were a couple of outstanding PRs in aeternity, protocol, and aesophia repos.

We have also been preparing for the Ceres hard fork. Lots of small PRs, tidying up, documenting, and fixing small issues. Calculated protocol upgrade heights for mainnet and testnet; and released v8.0 of the Sophia compiler (library, CLI, and HTTP).

Set Protocol Upgrade heights for CERES by hanssv · Pull Request #4333 · aeternity/aeternity · GitHub Release v8.0.0 · aeternity/aesophia · GitHub Release v8.0.0 · aeternity/aesophia_http · GitHub Release v8.0.0 · aeternity/aesophia_cli · GitHub

Dincho Todorov

The integration effort with Prometheus/Grafana is now completed, with all environments, including the development cluster, reporting to Prometheus. Some additional dashboards are being created. All Grafana dashboards have been adjusted to accommodate the new reporting metrics and environments. We’ve begun reorganizing Prometheus alerts to align with the new setup.

All nodes have been updated to the latest infrastructure configuration and upgraded to the most recent version, v6.13.0.

Moreover, we are reviewing the schedule for the Ceres release and preparing. And the Ceres release (v7.0.0-rc1) has been deployed.

Justin Mitchell

We improved our environment by fixing the following issues.

Fixed an issue where the SC FMS was stuck in an infinite loop of connection retries. Fix function clause so attempts are checked by mitchelli · Pull Request #4323 · aeternity/aeternity · GitHub

Fixed a breaking change that affected the loading of contracts in hard fork directories. Load contracts from default directories by mitchelli · Pull Request #4322 · aeternity/aeternity · GitHub

Instead of allowing a SC responder to choose any port for the node to listen to, restrict the configuration to a range of ports. A single port may also be possible since there is already multiplexing code in the SC. Allow of range of ports to be specified for use by SC FSMs · Issue #4327 · aeternity/aeternity · GitHub

Thomas Arts

We worked on openAPI spec PR#4332 and PR#4334, as well as aesophia_http PR#135, and conducted numerous code reviews.

Richard Carlsson

Further investigation into logging and configuration issues.

Valentin Atanasov

We have been upgrading our middleware by making several changes: we switched to Node version 6.13, upgraded Elixir from version 1.13 to 1.16, and transitioned from OTP 23 to OTP 26.

chore: update node to version 6.13 by vatanasov · Pull Request #1732 · aeternity/ae_mdw · GitHub chore: update node to version 6.13 by vatanasov · Pull Request #1732 · aeternity/ae_mdw · GitHub

Mihail Dobrev

We checked that all mdw v3 endpoints return tx_hash instead of txi, so that they comply with the v3 changes. fix: use tx hash instead of index in v3 api version by yaboiishere · Pull Request #1727 · aeternity/ae_mdw · GitHub

Looking into mdw /wealth endpoint not being up to date with reality (The balances from the endpoint are different from what the node says they are )

Issue where mdw log level would override node log level to error has been fixed. The mdw now respects the config from aeternity.yaml for the nodes log level. fix: remove hardcoded node log level in favor of aeternity.yaml config by yaboiishere · Pull Request #1729 · aeternity/ae_mdw · GitHub

We have also continued looking into issue where /wealth isn’t up to date.Top accounts wealth is not up to date · Issue #1661 · aeternity/ae_mdw · GitHub

Gaith Hallak

Make the first version of the new Sophia Visual Studio Code publicly available at GitHub - aeternity/aesophia-vscode: Sophia Support for Visual Studio Code

Update the web version of aerepl to make it compatible with the latest version of aerepl and allow the returning of structured data along with rendered data in the web version of the repl Allow the returning of structured data along with rendered data by ghallak · Pull Request #69 · aeternity/aerepl-web · GitHub

Don’t hesitate to share your ideas, thoughts, and feedback with us. Stay tuned!