[Active] AE Maintenance (weeks 17-18, 2024)

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Hello Community,

Looking forward to the Ceres update! But first, let’s go over the updates from the last few days.

Weeks 17-18 (22 Apr - 5 May)

Hans Svensson

This week wasn’t about starting new things, but rather about crossing some t’s and dotting some i’s with respect to documentation and the protocol repository. We’re mainly waiting for the Testnet protocol upgrade.

We spent some time testing AENS on the Testnet, which exposed a couple of minor presentation issues in MDW and aeScan.

Also, we did some early investigation of a compiler issue, then Gaith took over and produced a PR for the fix.

Spent a bit of time preparing some ad hoc analysis of node versions (of block producers) to observe if Mainnet is ready for protocol upgrade.

Dincho noticed that the aeternity node failed with a cryptic error message if the node keys directory was badly configured. Improved this to say something comprehenisble and mention the path that is not useable. Datails here.

Investigated a report of a broken metric. After a bit of analysis we can conclude that the metric works as expected - but the light load of the network recently made the metric appear stuck.

Justin Mitchell

Implemented the ability to restrict which ports can be used for creating state channels in the configuration.

Implemented restricting the BRI from being changed for mainnet and testnet.

Investigated issue “SC FMS rejects future connections if somebody unexpectedly disconnects before”. Initially thought there was an issue because the behaviour is different before and after the first responder connects but now I believe there is no issue.
Initially, we thought there was an issue because the behavior changes before and after the first responder connects, but now we believe there is no issue.

Investigated “histogram metrics are not exported as histogram StatsD type”.

Thomas Arts

We may recommend to have a look into some PRs related to deprecation of old Swagger specification has been reviewed last days

Additionally, the email address in the documentation has been updated.

Valentin Atanasov

The issue with Docker containers crashing on MacBooks has been resolved and we’ve added the creation time and block value to the response from the /aex141/{id} endpoint.

Have a look our PRs here.

Dincho Todorov

We’ve introduced a few changes to Prometheus, including reconfiguring system alerts and alert notifications. We added following alerts in Prometheus: server alerts for Aeternity nodes, the P2P network, node, protocol, and aecore daemon self-checks .

Updates have also been made to downstream projects including aeproject, aepp-contracts, aepp-governance, and aepp-graffiti.

Feel free to share your ideas, thoughts, and feedback with us. Stay tuned! :muscle: