[Active] AE Maintenance (weeks 19-20, 2024)

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Status: Active

Hello Community Members,

We hope everyone is doing well. We’re excited to share some updates and improvements in our ecosystem over the past two weeks and announce that we are working on a new roadmap. Let’s dive in!

Weeks 19-20 (6 May - 19 May)

Hans Svensson

Extended the HTTP API for AENS with an endpoint returning name information given a Name Hash. In some situations (prevalent use-case, the JS SDK) you only have the hash of a name and need the name information. This is easy to implement and thus makes for a good addition to the API. Note that the v2 API is now deprecated and this new endpoint (names/hash/{name_hash}) is only available in the v3 API. Have a look at the details Add GetNameEntryByNameHash to HTTP (v3) API by hanssv · Pull Request #4348 · aeternity/aeternity · GitHub

Monitoring and testing around the Ceres protocol upgrade went really well, with no disturbances. After the successful protocol upgrade, it was time to start planning for the coming work. We had a big planning session with the whole team core + middleware and then me and Erik also had a sit down to make a more detailed plan w.r.t. improving finality time.

Extended the JSON encoded AENS pointers, returned by the HTTP API, with an extra field encoded_field (base64 bytearray) to aid interpretation in some cases where the key is raw bytes.

Justin Mitchell

We have investigated the following issues Histogram metrics are not exported as histogram StatsD type and SC FMS rejects future connections if somebody unexpectedly disconnects before.

Some state channel tests took a long time, and we found why. It was related to the min depth strategy, changing the strategy from the default of txfee to plain removed the long delays. Check the details.

Thomas Arts

Through code reviews and some cleanup we did, we are improving the quality of our codebase.

Valentin Atanasov

We have added openapi schema for dex controller and route for dex swaps by contract_id.

Also, v3 openapi schema has been updated, arm docker incompatibility is fixed and some general dex swaps route has been added.

Dincho Todorov

After successfully Ceres protocol switch we had updated also some applications. Some old applications (related to the “next” network) have been removed since Ceres went live.

We improved aepp-graffiti by fixing pipelines and deployments. aepp-bridge CI/CD pipelines and deployments as well.

What’s more? Prometheus alerts inhibition three have been improved and we implemented several application fixes based on the new alerts.
We also made some effort on Aeternity middleware Docker image multi-arch support. Some reviews and discussions about Beacon nodes/network took place.

Mihail Dobrev

Merge the name pointers into the name and name/:id routes instead of having a separate one. Let’s check it here.

The issue where auctions were still using the wrong timeout has been investigated.

The aex141/transfers endpoint to v3 has been added.

Gaith Hallak

A feature to the type checker that would allow locating a specific node in the typed AST given its row and column has been added. We moved tests from the Erlang Sophia compiler to the Rust Sophia compiler to test the new type checker and test new changes introduced to the type checker by Radek.

The large docker image size in aerepl-web has been also investigated by us.

We are committed to continuously improving our ecosystem. Your participation and feedback are invaluable. Let’s keep building it together!