[Active] AE Maintenance (weeks 3-4, 2024)

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Status: Active

Hey Community,

Unveiling the latest enhancements! Over the past two weeks, we have been working tirelessly to bring you a superior user experience. Get ready to explore the newest features and improvements that will elevate your time spent on our platform!

Weeks 3-4 (15 Jan - 28 Jan)

Dincho Todorov

We have successfully incorporated support for Ubuntu 22.04 in our infrastructure. In addition, our installer has undergone fine-tuning, specifically addressing issues related to MacOS builds, enhancing the overall user experience. Moreover, as part of our commitment to continuous improvement, we’ve actively reviewed and prioritized older pull requests and issues.

Check out the following key pull requests:


Explore the latest changes in our AWS Apps and GitOps Apps repositories as we continue to enhance their functionality:


A significant portion of our efforts has been dedicated to promoting applications cluster environments, transitioning from development to staging and staging to production.

Hans Svensson

We are planning a protocol upgrade, so all changes made for Ceres has been compiled into a working document. Additionally, we delved into the costs associated with reading from the contract state tree and updated the FATE (Fate) for Ceres.

In the realm of AENS we’ve incorporated a FATE test for optional preclaim. Shifting gears to HyperChains, we’ve improved the configuration by ensuring proper handling of defaults, harmonizing code and configuration, and adding HTTPS as a valid protocol for parent chain connections.

These efforts aim to enhance the overall functionality and reliability of our system you can check in detail here:


Empowering Aeternity Scripting we introduced the version command! We’ve implemented a simple (offline) version command for the bin/aeternity script.

Our compiler has undergone a significant upgrade, unleashing version releases across key components:

  • aesophia v7.4.1
  • aesophia_cli v7.4.1
  • aesophia_http v7.6.1

We’ve implemented the handling of Bytes.to_any_size in call data encode/decode. This enhancement opens the door to utilizing bytes() in entry points, expanding the possibilities for developers within our ecosystem.

Our HTTP compiler now boasts an updated and adapted swagger_endpoints plugin. This ensures seamless integration and compatibility with the latest advancements in the Swagger ecosystem.

Now, we can define pre funded accounts (at Genesis) directly in configuration (not allowed for Mainnet/Testnet).


Justin Mitchell

Enhancements to BRI account configuration. Now, the BRI account can be configured with a start and end protocol version, providing more control over its usage throughout specific protocol versions.

We have enhanced our REST API by incorporating currency information. Additionally, we have introduced defaults for the network name on both the mainnet and testnet.

Progress was made on the pull request for Ping v2 and automatic version upgrades. The upcoming version will not only streamline the ping functionality but also announce enhanced capabilities of the node.


Richard Carlsson

Welcoming a New Team Member. Exciting news as we welcome a new colleague to our team, fortifying our collaborative efforts. In the onboarding process, he explored blockchain technologies, Aeternity, Hyperchains He also did some refactoring, which can be checked here

Gaith Hallak

A bunch of important improvements have been introduced last days, including:

  • Simplify tree-sitter parser grammar
  • Allow parsing of using statements with both aliasing and selection
  • Fix the parsing of using statements, pragmas, includes, string literals, args, and let statements
  • Implement pretty-printing of AST data types to facilitate the testing of the parser
  • Update the LSP to be compatible with the recent changes in tree-sitter-aesophia
  • Allow identifiers and qual identifiers as fun names
  • Add roundtrip testing for tree-sitter-aesophia

Your feedback and involvement are crucial to our success. Thank you for being a part of our vibrant community!

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