[Active] AE Maintenance (weeks 7-8, 2024)

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Status: Active

Hello to all community members! We’d like to share some highlights from the past two weeks in our community. Get ready for some updates.

Weeks 7-8 (12 Feb - 25 Feb)

Dincho Todorov

The Ceres environment is now being integrated into Terraform, check out new environments. We strongly encourage testing!

Check some more technical fixes and improvements here:

Hans Svensson

We’ve initiated the process of adapting to OTP-27, ensuring our tools, aesophia, and aesophia_cli, align seamlessly with the latest specifications. Successfully resolved most incompatibilities with OTP-27.

Updated several repositories, including aeternity/lager and aeternity/erlang-nat, and addressed issues in aestratum-client and swagger_endpoints. Set up nodes to synchronize with the mainnet using OTP-27. This step includes a thorough check to ensure no surprises emerge during a full sync, guaranteeing a stable and reliable network.

Work is underway to implement Sophia support in snarkjs specifically tailored for BLS12-381. This optimization aims to enhance the capabilities and compatibility of our tools.

We can also announce the successful implementation of support for self-qualification in Sophia. Now, e.g. you can refer to foo in namespace X as X.foo even when already inside the X namespace, streamlining your coding experience.

Our team has verified the instructions for (Solo)mining in WSL2 and fixed the hashrate computation, as reported by the /v3/status endpoint.

Our team also had some discussions and planned the possible ways forward for Hyperchains.

Check some PRs supported by the Æternity Foundation.

Justin Mitchell

In readiness for the upcoming snapshot and spine sync, we’ve rolled out a Ping upgrade. You can find the detailed changes and improvements at Ping v2 and automatic ping vsn upgrade by uwiger · Pull Request #4188 · aeternity/aeternity · GitHub

Gaith Hallak

We have finished working on the Sophia syntax highlighting. This feature was designed to provide developers with a more intuitive and efficient coding experience.

As always, feel free to drop your comments, questions, or suggestions below. Let’s keep
the conversation going and stay tuned!