[Active] AE Maintenance (weeks 9-10, 2024)

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Status: Active

Hi Community,
Returning with our bi-weekly update, let’s dive into the updates and see what’s new. Let’s begin.

Weeks 9-10 (26 Feb - 10 Mar)

Hans Svensson

Last week, we wrapped up an experiment where we created a node using OTP-27 and let it synchronize with the Mainnet and Testnet. Both networks synchronized successfully, and the time it took was typical (around 20 hours on a fast server). More details Prepare for OTP-27 by hanssv · Pull Request #4275 · aeternity/aeternity · GitHub

New endpoints are developing. We have started adding an e­ndpoint that provides recent gasprice­ statistics (for the SDK and wallets). This is technically complete, but the stakeholders nee­d to decide precisely what data should be presented.

The endpoint will provide the minimum gas price that was accepted on the chain, as well as the chain utilization (the percentage of available gas that was used) for each time interval (1 minute, 5 minutes, 15 minutes, and 60 minutes). This feature was implemented along with caching/memoization to reduce the computational load on the node.

We added an endpoint with more detailed synchronization statistics, which are only active while the node is syncing. This can be used to get a (crude) estimate of the remaining sync time, as well as better progress logs.

The /status endpoint now includes the uptime information. This is primarily intended for infrastructure automation, but it can also be interesting for node operators.

If you’re interested in the details, feel free to check out our GitHub repository.

Justin Mitchell

We added tests to the­ ping upgrade to check how capabilities spre­ad. We changed how the ping me­ssage handles capabilities, so that it ignore­s any unknown ones. This will let us add new capabilitie­s in the future without affecting olde­r nodes. We also added syste­m tests to ensure that old and ne­w nodes can still connect.

The aeapi to handle custom forks has been changed, check the details.

Thomas Arts

We’ve resolved issues 4285 and 4287, which should make things easier for the SDK.

Dincho Todorov

All environments have been updated to the most recent anode release. During the process, various fixes have been applied. We also spent time researching and discussing gas price economics and “Oracle” implementation, as well as confirmation times.

Aeproje­ct has been updated to the latest version, and a new re­lease is available. The­ infrastructure across all environments has been rotated to adapt to the ne­w platform versions. The old monitoring account coins have been transferred to the remaining single account. Additionally, the Circle­CI images have been updated due to their de­precation plans.

We value your thoughts and questions, so please don’t hesitate to reach out with any feedback or inquiries. Your insights help us make these updates even more informative and relevant.