[Active] MDW Grant - Q1 2024

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Application Status

Status: Active
Last updated: 01.02.2024
Submited by: Sebastian Borrazas ([email protected])
Team: Sebastian Borrazas, Rogerio Pontual
Approved Budget (in h):
Used Budget (in h):
Planned Delivery: 31.03.2024

Funding category

Open Source Development

Application Title

AE Middleware Q1 2024 feature development and maintenance


Sebastian Borrazas - sborrazas (Sebastian Borrazas) · GitHub
Rogerio Pontual - jyeshe (Rogerio Pontual) · GitHub

Value Application

The upcoming grant will build upon the foundations established by the previous one. We will be leveraging the progress and insights gained from the previous grant to further advance our research and development efforts. This will involve building upon existing changes and exploring new ideas to continue improving Middleware.

Definition of Terms

The middleware is an indexing api for the aeternity core node, it exposed data in ways that the core node can not or is not supposed to be.

It is heavily used by various projects in the aeternity ecosystem such as the explorer, superhero wallet and dex, but available for everyone to consume or host themselves.

The overall goal of middleware is to expose all data in aeternity blockchain in a structured, filterable and developer friendly way.

Status Quo

The efforts invested in the preceding grant primarily focused on maintenance tasks and bug fixes. Additionally, a few features were introduced, such as:

  • Integration of support for DEX trades and swaps through the incorporation of new endpoints and filters.
  • Introduction of new counters within the statistics endpoints.
  • Maintenance and bug fixes, mostly related to latest node version

Required Work

The upcoming work will predominantly revolve around maintenance tasks and bug fixes, or any urgent changes necessitated by other teams. These are the current required tasks planned for it:

  • Revise Swagger v2 file and upgrade to Swagger v3 Standard
  • Integrate a new endpoint (/names/:name) into v3.
  • Ensure that the log file is aligned with the node’s log file for better compatibility.
  • Improve name search functionality by making it case-insensitive
  • Incorporate a transaction trend feature to showcase activities within the last 24 hours
  • Adapt DEX endpoints to use cases refinement
  • Improve contract related activities events providing AEX compliance
  • Changes needed for application performance and issue monitoring
  • Verify and tag contracts as non AEX-9 compliant


Our team is dedicated to the project, and we’ll be allocating resources based on individual availability. Additionally, we’ll prioritize tasks according to the urgency of requests to ensure timely delivery.

Known Limitations

Although we aim at delivering all proposed features as outlined, there may be some higher priority tasks coming up that need to be worked on by the middleware team, thus not every proposed item is expected to be delivered.


As we continue to evolve the project, new features will emerge. We’ll need to collaboratively evaluate and prioritize these features to enhance the overall functionality."


During development there will be new releases published and deployed continuously.

We publish our work in the official AE repositories.


Maintenance is part of the proposal and included for the approved timeframe.

Week 5 (Jan 29 - Feb 4)


  • Include all auction claims when closing up an auction. 8h
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Week 6 (Feb 5 - Feb 11)


  • Add v3 name and auction detail endpoint. 12h
  • Include 48hs transactions count trend on stats. 12h

Week 7 (Feb 12 - Feb 18)


  • Restructure aex141 activities meta_info match. 3h

Week 8 (Feb 19 - Feb 25)


  • Add remaining v3 routes without the ones deprecated. 6h

Week 9 (Feb 26 - Mar 3)


  • Return 404 when contract is not found. 2h
  • Update names swagger docs to match v3. 4h
  • Process HC seed contracts with the correct format. 3h
  • Add missing statistics swagger endpoints. 4h

Week 10 (March 4 - March 10)


  • Allow encoding ints as strings via query parameter. 8h
  • Restructure v3 routes and remove tx_index. 4h
  • Add logs message on deprecated routes. 2h

Week 11 (March 11 - March 17)


  • Allow same creation block to be used on by-hash aex9 balances. 3h
  • Use endpoint-specific ordering validation. 3h
  • Allow getting block-specific AEx9 balances. 12h

Week 12 (March 18 - March 24)


  • Handle invalid hashes error. 3h
  • Include local-idx cursor when paginating tx call activities. 6h
  • Render name_fee on names/auctions. 3h

Week 13 (March 25 - March 31)


  • Move transactions count to v3 properly. 3h
  • Use right index when querying next Time record on stats. 3h
  • Remove schemes from swagger v1 file. 1h
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