[ACTIVE] Support for Sophia Language Development

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Status: Active
Last updated: 05.06.2020
Submited by Jarvis, Carroll
Team: Jarvis Carroll (supporting Gaith Hallak, Radosław Rowicki)
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Open Source Development, Research and Education.

Application Title

Support for Sophia language and ecosystem development Q2-2024


Jarvis Carroll (@jarvis) in support of the existing grant made by @radrow.chain and @ghallakaeternity.chain at Sophia Language and Ecosystem Development Q1 2024

Value Application

Improvement of smart contract development on the æternity blockchain using Sophia and FATE.

Definition of Terms

  • Sophia — most commonly used smart contract language for the æternity blockchain.
  • FATE — smart contract runtime system on the æternity blockchain.
  • Compiler — translator between a high-level language (here; Sophia) to a low level language executed by a machine (here; FATE).
  • Language ecosystem — a collective term for various tools integrated to work together for software production in a given language.

Status Quo

The team working on the Sophia compiler and its tools is currently understaffed, and in particular the rewrite of the compiler to be independent of the Erlang environment could deliver a lot of value to the environment if it is given more time and development effort. While the others in the team (@ghallakaeternity.chain @radrow.chain) continue their good work on the compiler and on other aspects of the Sophia ecosystem, I will be able to provide focused effort on the transformations of the compiler itself, helping to implement @radrow.chain’s design. Additionally, I will be able to help with other aspects of the Sophia ecosystem as needed, following on from my experience working with the Sophia tooling in projects in 2023.

Required Work

See Sophia Language and Ecosystem Development Q1 2024 for the full scope of the team’s current priorities.


I will be continually providing development effort in line with the goals and timelines of the team as described in Sophia Language and Ecosystem Development Q1 2024.

Known Limitations

Even with me joining, the team will still be relatively small.


See Sophia Language and Ecosystem Development Q1 2024.


We plan to publish our work in the official AE Github repositories. Project releases will be made by the end of this grant period. Some major changes or critical updates might require publishing new releases for certain projects before the end of the grant period.


Maintenance and bug fixes are part of this grant, and we will be providing bug fixes and updates as necessary to the projects that are developed under this grant.