If we add an HTTP communication-based API to AE-SDK-JS, do you mean that any backend language can be used? Not need to develop maintenance Golang、Python SDK?

The Nodes APIs are available to call using any preferred client language. Moreover you can generate the client API spec using Node’s swagger file. Still, you may have to build wallet features.


You may understand.

In the application development, the server often needs AESDK, such as initiating transfer, or encrypting messages. Use the C language to complete it. If you use the JSON format, you will complete the transfer, message encryption.
We will no longer need AE-SDK-C

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I am not sure if I understood this correctly.
Are you trying to bypass the SDK to talk to the Aeternity Node?

when I understand correctly it is about using the logic of the javascript sdk in other programming languages by providing an http api to access that functionality.

this doesn’t really make sense. there were some thoughts about maintaining one SDK implementation that is able to produce a C shared library which could then easily be used in other programming languages. here an old issue that describes that:

for the moment we decided to only actively maintain the javascript sdk. there are still other SDKs around but somebody would need to take it over.

if there is lot’s of demand for other programming languages we need to discuss that again.

Great, compiling C shared libraries from Golang this is a very good idea, I just know that I can do this.

Can I use it directly now?GO-SDK seems to have stopped maintenance. This is regrettable.

Complete it in JS-SDK, this will increase the workload, but it is continuously maintained.

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