Add middleware to existing nodes

Hello, everyone

Add middleware to existing nodes

How to deploy it quickly? As fast as Docker

Currently I have a node running and I see an official middleware access like this

Or can the middleware code be integrated into the node so that it can be deployed with one click

My node looks like this

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This error occurred while compiling with Docker. Have you ever encountered it :sob:

Hi @Baixin.chain, I am not sure how to manually add the middleware to a running node. Maybe @karol.chain can help you out there.

What I can provide you is a docker-image that runs the node together with the middleware:

  • kryptokrauts/aeternity:node-v5.10.1_indaex-v1.0.4

This is the latest image I built for Lima. I am mainly using this for local tests right now so I haven’t checked how to run it against an existing database.

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You can add middleware on top of the node like this:

The original node has to be stopped, as middleware becomes the node itself when started.

However, since middleware needs to sync middleware specific data, it needs some time to build all the data it then can serve for replies.

You can check the status how quickly it syncs via the /status endpoint.