Advent of Code - 2019 - Day 1

While at the core developer meeting in Sofia someone challenged me with the question whether it would be possible to solve the Advent of Code problems using Sophia. At first I discarded the idea since FATE is optimized to run transactions, not programming puzzles, but I am not one to dodge a challenge so in a quiet evening I gave it a go… Each day until Christmas Day there is a two-staged puzzle presented at 6 AM CET.

Here is my solution to day 1, the first day’s puzzle was rather straightforward and it makes a pretty good introductory problem to solve in Sophia.

Is there anyone else that has been crazy enough to try this? In my GitHub repository there are also some simple instructions on how to easily run a contract outside of the Blockchain…


Hahaha amazing idea! The whole concept of having an advent calendar makes finally sense now! :smiley:

Very cool! I have uploaded my version of a solution for day 1. Time for doing day 2 and so on :slight_smile: