Advent of Code - 2019 - Day 2

The second problem introduce the Intcode virtual machine, where a sequence of integers should be interpreted as op-codes and arguments. The first version of this machine only does add and mul but I have a feeling this machine will come back in later problems. The first half of the puzzle was trivial, the second half took ages to compute (not to implement). But after I had up:ed the gas limit and split the setup of the Intcode machine memory into setup and initialization it can be run in about 20 seconds on a normal laptop. (Consuming a measly 1503823113 of gas…)

See my solution here - looking forward to seeing other variants would be nice to see if there are more efficient implementations!

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I’ve initially stuck to using lists for representing the program, which made the second part run for 10 minutes O_O So after a hint by @hanssv.chain about the efficient use of maps, I rewrote my solution to using maps. That approach paid off and the solution runs in a reasonable amount of time for part 2.

3317798 steps / 2262319426 gas / 150178064 reductions / 7012.12ms
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