Advent of Code - 2019 - Day 25

The twenty-fifth problem was an Intcode text adventure! Since interaction is slow in a text adventure we keep the state in the contract and call it for each command. Today there was only a part one, and to keep the description reasonably short I’ve fused the commands necessary to complete the puzzle into just two command sequences. I also defined the Cmd help function in the Erlang shell.

So, success! It could be done, and most days the extra challenge of doing it in Sophia wasn’t too bad. Some days were challenging, but all of them got solved. In the meantime we collected lots of ideas for improvements of Sophia, some already implemented and not released and some more in the pipeline!

42> f(Cmd), Cmd = fun(C) -> S = aefa_sophia_test:run_file("/Users/hans/Personal/Repos/AoC2019/25/sol_25.aes", "run", [C], [no_store]), io:format("~s", [S]) end.                     #Fun<erl_eval.6.99386804>
43> Cmd = fun(C) -> S = aefa_sophia_test:run_file("/Users/hans/Personal/Repos/AoC2019/25/sol_25.aes", "run", [C], [no_store]), io:format("~s", [S]) end.
44> aefa_sophia_test:run_file("/Users/hans/Personal/Repos/AoC2019/25/sol_25.aes", "init", [], [no_store]).                                                                           0 steps / 813523 gas / 0 reductions / 224.86ms
45> Cmd("west\ntake hypercube\nwest\nwest\nnorth\ntake shell\nwest\n\nsouth\ntake festive hat\nnorth\neast\nsouth\neast\neast\neast\n").                                             0 steps / 949057396 gas / 0 reductions / 32923.85ms

== Hull Breach ==
You got in through a hole in the floor here. To keep your ship from also freezing, the hole has been sealed.

46>  Cmd("east\nnorth\nwest\nnorth\nwest\nwest\ntake astronaut ice cream\nsouth\nsouth\n").
0 steps / 241315500 gas / 0 reductions / 13948.85ms

== Crew Quarters ==
The beds are all too small for you.

== Pressure-Sensitive Floor ==

Doors here lead:
- north

A loud, robotic voice says "Analysis complete! You may proceed." and you enter the cockpit.
Santa notices your small droid, looks puzzled for a moment, realizes what has happened, and radios your ship directly.
"Oh, hello! You should be able to get in by typing 33624080 on the keypad at the main airlock."

My solution is here


What a great idea and result. Are the improvement ideas for Sophia already shared somewhere? Are there for example GitHub Tasks for it?

Some of the things like let-patterns and various bug fixes are already implemented (but not yet released). Other ideas are collected in GitHub issues.

The idea was, if time permits, to make a new Sophia compiler release after the holidays, and refactor some of the solutions using the improvement/new features to show their usefulness - in some sort of an “Advent of Code lessons learned” post.

maybe you could open a pull-request here including your solutions:

probably there isn’t a wide audience. but at least some people might notice Sophia and aeternity :smiley:

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Would be fun, but I suspect it would be a bit of work to get Sophia into their framework :wink: I’ll have a look!