Advertising Proposal for Coin Cap Ranking Sites

Although I believe it’s the Aeternity team’s responsibility to push forward marketing/advertising, I’ve been frustrated with what I’ve seen. We need to see something done now; it’s way past due and the start of a new bull market is a good time, so they should not delay.

The Aeternity team asked for a proposal for advertising. I’ve written one as requested & kept it as simple as possible (to prevent inertia and useless debate) and selected the best place to advertise: coin cap ranking websites. (People go there to research & select coins. Ads on other content-heavy sites like Coindesk are easily ignored–PR articles are better for Coindesk.)

It is a quick read. I’ve researched coin cap websites, identified the best to advertise on, and provide as simple as possible 3-Step instructions for Aeternity to proceed with getting it done.

Remember, compared to the nothing we have now, any advertising is a step forward. This particular one should be most effective and best ROI on time invested.


There is even no one dApp that exists and attract users, so advertisement is pointless and money burning idea the same as the mining rewards. Paying for nothing.

As a developer in Consensys Academy’s first round, I’ll say that’s incorrect.

If users/investors go away and price declines enough then developers won’t even bother to build on Aeternity. We developers much prefer to build on networks that have many users and significant enough economic size that it makes for a profitable choice versus the alternatives…time and energy is usually best spent first on larger market cap blockchains for that reason: ETH, EOS, TRON, etc. for the simple fact that it’s a better use of my time as a developer.

See the catch 22 here? And the way to solve it is to stay relevant and keep user/investor interest in the project high to attract/keep users/investors/developers as this stage so it’s even worth building on Aeternity down the road.


I think marketing should not peak until we have a few solid aepps on mainnet. Yes, marketing would bring developers and users, but I think Aeternity Foundation can deploy a few aepps soon without waiting for outside developers. We now have the gomoku aepp on testnet as an example of this. So I think ae should continue marketing, but wait to do a big push until we have aepps (no matter who created them). If ae platform is ready then the team should lead by example.


第三:我们的宣传不应该 停留在社区内部,我们应该让更多的人知道AE,我们需在更多的网站上投资,我们需要更多评级机构发表公关文

Hello @fredrico!

Thank you for your proposal. Generally I like the idea of more advertising, but I don’t think creating ads pushing people to buy AE tokens is the right way forward. It is also very problematic from a regulatory point of view.

I think the best message would be to promote an aepp and I am very much looking forward to one (or more).

I think its not a which came first, the chicken or the egg situation here. Everything should happen in tandem, that is, keep on making the ae blockchain better, try and get devs into ae, get dapps going by having devs and sterfleet etc, get more exposure to ae from the general public by advertising. You need devs and dapps to get users and you need users to make devs interested or else they will develop on another blockchain. And i dont think ads as suggested are to push people to buy more ae, the ads or banners can link to the ae website, it is to create more exposure to ae and spread the word. There were also lots of proposals in the advertsing forum i started a few weeks ago where there was suggestions to do interviews with certain youtubers, never saw any response to this.


But currently there are no dApps on AE that you can try to attract/keep users to. To attract developers there must be better ways to attract than ads, like ventures, competitions, community efforts support, education, etc.

All of those need to be communicated though.

I wouldn’t worry too much about the lack of dapps. There’s Starfleet, the aembassador program and a few other good examples of community activity, that’s already way more than what 70% of other projects do.

At the very least, an ad would be a nice awareness boost and will draw new users.


The ae community is now a globalization. Some action things can’t be done in one place but other places are OK. We can give the ambassador more rights and let them have more resources to develop AE fans. We think fans and Developers are parallel, and we can’t favor developers.

We will enable the community to help with all these efforts. Working on this now. Should be announced soon.

Generally, ads can be done, but definitely not about “buying AE”. That’s not OK.

AE advertising is to better promote ae, if AE is really good, I believe that you will accept ae, or even go back to disseminate ae, so that the community of AE will become stronger, buy AE is only part of the community, not all.

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AE team has always focused on the development of ae, not on marketing, which is worthy of affirmation, but eth technology should be much better than btc, but the market value of eth, fever is far less than btc.

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Hey @fredrico ,

Here is something that you might find interesting.

I think with a slight modification, your proposal can become a community campaign. Why not give it a try?