AE blockchain size

Is it possible to view somewhere the current blockchain size? I dont see it at


No one seems to be counting this data, including me. I can only tell you roughly about 35GB

The database is indeed ~35GB nowadays, but that includes a full history (all states of all earlier blocks) it is debatable if that is part of the block-chain size. But for a full/archiving node 35GB is the size.

Some initial work on garbage collecting/pruning old (account) states is already merged, I suspect more is to come when the database grows.

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There is also work in progress to make daily database snapshots available for download. cc @DinchoTodorov.chain

cool. and how about testnet bc size?

Yes, will be available for testnet too.

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i meant what is the size in GB of testnet bc?

I believe the testnet database is currently 15GB large.

@hanssv.chain what is the expected size 5 years from now?

That depends on how popular it gets :wink: We’ve been running for 1.5 years and reached 35GB we can extrapolate from that but we mainly have to wait and see I guess.

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Do you have any stats on the usage for the last 1.5 years?

As the aeternity blockchain is widely adopted, the data growth rate will become faster.