AE-DNS Proposal

The naming system is not relevant to most people. Even in Ethereum, ENS is not that widely used. At the same time, people do recognize a need for something less government-controlled than ICANN. Hence, Namecoin (which failed).

Naming systems are one of those unsexy things that everyone nevertheless needs.
aeternity needs something to generate publicity and relevance to the general public.
A decentralized naming system that can point to IP addresses or IPFS hashes would be a hit with people who share the cypherpunk blockchain spirit - i.e. most of the blockchain population.

aeternity already has a naming system that works.

http://node_url/v2/names/ returns the wikileaks AE donation address, as well as a list of updated IP addresses. The data is stored on the blockchain.

How it works
User goes to website, gets Server not found error. He clicks on the Waellet browser extension, which gets an IP address, which can either be automatically entered into the address bar or copy pasted (depending on browser extension permissions). Hopefully it is different from what the DNS server gave him.

AENS records, besides pointing to aeternity on-chain objects, should also be able to store a binary blob. JSON blob -> structure to be specified elsewhere.

Site Admin
The site admin can easily update his IP address by running

aecli tx nameupdate --signandbroadcast immediately to prevent error?
aecli account sign $tx
aecli chain broadcast $tx

or running a separate program that does all this, so I don’t have to worry about expanding the CLI interface.

Site admins don’t update their AENS entries
Of course this only works if site admins update their AENS entries. AE foundation to donate some AE tokens to Wikileaks etc.
Users forget that the ae extension exists and can help them if server not found
ae extension should do something when the browser enconuters a server not found error.

Looking for browser extension developers, help on AENS binary blob storage intricacies

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I think that it was clear from @michalzee presentation Q/A that blob is considered to be added, although few technical details have to be addressed.

The Blob structure is perfect AEX proposal.

I’m not sure if it’s too early to consider UX, however we have to address resolvers cache at some point e.g. adding record TTL.

I would even go further and consider implementing a DNS resolver with AENS support that can be installed as OS software and does the resolving system wide. In general we should stop thinking of the limited use “in-browsers” only.

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