Ae handle on WaziX (Bianance Chain ) for Aen -> INR

Hi Community,

As you know India has got Crypto legalize as of now :smiley:

It would be great if Aeternity could be listed on one of the indian exchanges . So that we can convert AEN to INR directly.
I suggest They are the direct Bianance handle in India. So I am guessing we will get a better conversation rate.

But its a centralize exchange so idk if I am making sense from Aeternity’s general philosophy .

whats AEN?

anyhow, exchanges often want huge listing fees from the founders. then they operate a year, go bust and the game starts over again.

better use crypto-secure opensource decentralized non-custodial exchanges, yes.

@Vikram does not hurt if you contact them and request that they list the aeternity AE token, just don’t store cypto there.


Ill check ,

What’s there process . If its too expensive then well we will wait until they come and ask us :slight_smile:

AEN = Aeternity sorry for the confusion

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