AE is better than eth. why doesn't anyone use it? What's the problem?

AE is better than eth. why doesn’t anyone use it? What’s the problem?

How are the new transactions are coming then? if no one is using it ?

Because AE is leading 2020+ with a “forecast of a million æpp transactions by legal blockchain entities” while ETH has more than a million transactions PER DAY.

1/3 of a percent and 'Nobody" are in pretty similar neighborhoods.

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We currently process daily ~ 3.5% of the transactions which ETH processes in a day, it’s far from nothing, but I agree it’s relatively small in comparison. Adoption comes in slowly but the rate is ever so increasing :slight_smile:

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is the ~3,5% including the “test” or “spam” transactions of the team that are being published for monitoring the chain?

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It’s the overall tx per day - all transactions. If you have more accurate statistics then please provide them here :wink:

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when we have set up or system with the new middleware I will try to filter those transactions out to provide a more accurate dashboard for the community. dincho already told me all the addresses that are publishing those transactions. @karol.chain if possible it would be really cool to be able to filter out all transactions posted from specific accounts in the new middleware. that would be another feature request from myself. otherwise I need to implement this by myself somehow


Is it better to say that the price is getting lower and lower?

This is with all the network I am involved in atleast, including Eth and Bitcoin started going down

It’s caused by the founder.

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The team is lazy, the work enthusiasm is low, and the project progress is slow.

The begginning of topic looks sad, why do you think so?)

Here is my individual opinion which is based on my experience with cryptocurrencies on trading area before I came here.

First of all tx’s criteria is important but isn’t crucial from “who is better” perspective. What the nature and purpose of this activity? A lot of ETH and BTC transacrtions mostly represent speculators activity around different exchanges (place for missed statistics here :slight_smile: ). Circulation between fiat money and crypto also impacts the general picture. Here is the place where I have to provide you with real statistics but I don’t have so (only based on my discussion with exchange dev which provided me the actual load which they face everyday).

The main blood artery for each crypto is a cryptocurrency exchange which can really impact tx per day/year criteria. To increase competing potential we should increase trading markets presence.
This competition can take a long distance and AE has a lot of potential and can win the race, I hope and I wish :slight_smile:


I agree! with you

if we get one exchange pushing good amount of tx’s it will be great, but for that needs like finding one country where we can capture market before other networks.

In india I am seeing many blockchains are coming now . trying to penetrate . But here Ethereum got good base.


Any currency that inflated like ae has in last 2 years with zero demand for the token was doomed to crash. Money printer go bbbbuuuurrrr