$AE Listings & Trading

Aeternity Foundation is in discussion with several major exchanges about new listings of the AE coin, coming soon :chart_with_upwards_trend:

Trading $AE is currently available on these exchanges:

GATEIO - Easy sign-up process, available in 184 countries. Compatible with iOS and Android
:link: http://gate.io

COINW - Quick sign-up process, good liquidity, user-friendly interface, available in more than 120 countries with competitive trading fees. Compatible with iOS and Android.

Hotcoin Global - offers user-friendly fiat transactions, is available in 100 countries, has a good customer support center, and has decent liquidity. It is compatible with both iOS and Android.
:link: http://hotcoin.com

MEXC - Available in around 170 countries, it has low fees, good fiat onramp options, and 24/7 support chat. It is compatible with iOS and Android.
:link: http://mexc.com


That’s great

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This is great news and it’s exciting to be part of this