AE-Metamask to transfer native tokens on the æternity blockchain?

Is something like this being worked on/planned? I think it would certainly help open source developers fund their projects through token sales on the æternity blockchain. Also a token standard like ERC-20 would make it easier to do so I think

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Is this going in this direction?

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I think you have to distinguish between native tokens and “ERC20”-like tokens.

the tokens currently created are probably following the ERC20-standard.

I personally am looking forward to have support for native tokens - meaning that the core protocol allows to create standardized tokens which then can also be integrated within state channels.

  • in my opinion this should be high priority (at least we should know when this is being planned to be developed on)

as 3rd party developer I wouldn’t want to create a plugin/tool to enable transactions of “somehow-ERC20-standard” tokens on top of aeternity if I know that there will be a common standard introduced.

at the current stage this is a tricky topic because the standardized token (that will hopefully be integrated in the core) will probably not cover specific use-cases.

  • my guess is that a ERC20-like fungible token will become part of the core protocol whereas more specialized tokens like ERC720 will always be developed on top through smart contracts

can we get some opinions of the team about that?

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Hey, Erik! Yes - Waellet is the browser wallet extension the team is currently working on:

This is great news, thanks for sharing!

some additions to my post above:

  • if wællet supports these ERC20-like tokens we are good (for the moment)
  • if possible it would be really great to have some migration-strategy about that topic which would allow to convert these ERC20-tokens into native tokens with a later hardfork
    • maybe this would be the best solution

IMO the team should publish a statement about that topic :slight_smile:

Does this browser wallet extension solve all of the issues mentioned above? Token standards and transferability of tokens between æpps? Use new native tokens in state channels? I think a post about this to clarify for all developers and potential token creators would be good :slight_smile:

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(native) tokens within state channels isn’t possible as long as they are not part of the core protocol (which is why they are called “native”)

  • it is indeed possible to create and send ERC20-like tokens within state channels at the moment
    • but they can then only live within sate channels!
  • it is NOT possible to deposit and withdraw ERC20-like tokens to/from state channels at the moment
    • this is why native tokens are necessary IMO

just to clarify the difference between native and ERC20-like or other tokens that are created on top of aeternity with smart contracts


Waellet is supporting transfers of native AE tokens at the moment.

And yes - it will support fungible and non-fungible tokens as well. This will probably happen right after they are finally standardised.