AE mining pool offline announcement

AE, HDAC mining pool offline announcement
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Dear F2Pool miners:

As the mining revenue of AE and HDAC mining pools and the number of miners continue to decline, it may lead to increased currency network security issues and cause losses to miners. F2Pool will stop providing mining services for the above two currencies at 08:00 on January 14, 2021, please be aware.

The mining income query of the above currencies will continue to be reserved for 2 months (until March 15th). If there is a balance in your account that has not been paid, please apply for withdrawal through the F2Pool customer service channel in time.

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Mining will be offline, continue to say that your AE technology is very powerful, really blush for the founder! Don’t issue coin if you don’t have the ability, don’t ICO, rubbish!


It’s not the hackers, it’s the low prices.


Don’t worry, we are analyzing the issue at hand and will soon communicate a way forward.


Hi @gorbak25,Thank you so much that you can give us confidence when many people are losing faith in AE.


A way forward is for the leaders of the project to take the last bits of cash that AE has in its coffers and start a normal-world advertisement campaign. These dreams of “if you build it they will come” have for what, 2 years now?, gotten the network nowhere and are just wasting the energies and the sprits of the true believers.

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Maybe propose a vote to attract new users through encrypted mean like telegram honestly most of the newcomers wont pay attention till it can be trusted but honesty and a good PR campaign can do wonders. Maybe consider a contest and then a burn afterwards of course a proposal and vote for all of this. I am new to the space but am all for what you guys have going. A grass roots campaign through peer to peer social media could potentially reach a multitude of users and with the right form of contest and incentive its possible to counter what the attack has done and use it to gain community and get stronger.

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Hello, is there any news on this?