AE Name Registration in Web Browser

So I was following a guide I found on the forums here for registering AE Names and it says to either use the mobile app OR visit When I visit in a browser I’m not seeing the option for Name(s) at all. In fact the only 3 option I’m seeing are Governance, Graffiti and Migrate. Is there something I’m missing to get able to register a AE Name via a web browser?

Technical Info:
I’m pointed to Lima-Net and am using Firefox 71 on Ubuntu 19.10 with a Ledger Nano S.

Let me know if any other details are needed.

Hey @whit3fir3, you’ll need the mobile aepp - find more instructions here:


This is what I repeat. “Mobile first” approach is ridiculous. Aeternity team doesn’t understand many things and is not interested in it. Many basics of Aeternity are designed like 5 years old would do it. Introducing too high initial inflation without clearly announcing it. Creating BRI to suck a part of mining rewards - it was the way how Aeternity management decided to address it. Poor “mobile-first” applications where you can’t use private key directly, they asked you to use centralized (in)famous base app. Centralized mining, centralized base app, centralized fund (BRI managed by Aeternity Foundation) that collects parts of mining rewards.

Their founders are the greatest risk that may cause AE to fail and it is happening. Maybe it already is a failed project?.. Maybe it would be better to stay away from it as the only beneficents are Aeternity Founders. Do you want to keep funding them? Just to mention a nepotism in its structures Nikola Stojanow (CEO of AE Ventures) hired their wife. Guess which money does he spends on this? ICO investors money. Does it build creditibility?

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We are working on a wallet agnostic approach to signing transactions. The idea is that the aepp creator makes a list of supported wallet vendors (or uses the default one) and the user chooses the wallet they would like to use.

The Base æpp will not be a strict dependency for running æpps in the future.

This approach is better than anything I’ve seen in the crypto space (for this problem). We will post it for feedback/review soon.

Not speaking on behalf of æternity, I think that copying and pasting private keys is not a good idea, especially in desktop.

I personally don’t hold crypto in desktop without a ledger. For smaller amounts I prefer mobile.

If you need to register names in desktop you can use beta.

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Forcing to use mobile is neither good idea. You shouldn’t limit users how do they want to use the app. Pasting a priv key should be an option including the feature to generate the tx to sign it offline as well.

Aeternity ecosystem shouldn’t feel like for retarded. Don’t assume that their users are.

You can paste your private key into the Waellet extension in Desktop.

AirGap focuses on airgapped signing.

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stoyan_ae - Thanks for the suggestion of From the brief glance I took at the project this appears like it will solve my problem. Thanks again for the suggestion.


Mobile first is great for people in less developed countries who can afford to buy a smart phone but maybe cannot afford a lap top. They conduct all their business on their phones. Mobile first is an excellent way to achieve mass adoption.

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But it is a mistake because AE will be not adopted by hackers, developers, businesses simply because its ecosystem looks and feels like for retarded.

Simplicity is another key for mass adoption… A block chain yo’ gramma can use!

Currently name registration is only supported by the mobile base app. Just open it in your mobile browser at


Waellet extension supports AENS auctions (Menu > Utilities > Naming System).