AE node RPC support

Hello, everyone
When I called the contract through the SDK, I found that many interfaces were requested and the data returned was very slow

However, when accessing the ETH network, data can be quickly returned without setting the compiler address

Can we optimize this because one usage scenario is to get the balance in AEX9token in bulk
If the user has 20 tokens and the time to obtain each Token is 3 seconds, then it will be a long time, but ETH can quickly return the balance of dozens of tokens in almost 3 seconds

Hi @Baixin.chain,

in your specific case we are talking about decoding calldata. This is a major issue that is currently our top priority to be solved. We are in the final steps and close to release v10.0.0 of the javascript sdk.

With the upcoming release of the javascript sdk we will drop the dependency to the http compiler in order to encode/decode calldata. In the future we will use the calldata library to handle this.

You can expect a great performance improvement with the upcoming release. There is also a new AEproject version being developed right now that uses the upcoming javascript sdk and also the recently developed devmode that allows to instantly mine blocks and perform snapshots and rollbacks of the chainstate.

Thanks for all your contributions! In the near future you will already be able to test the new javascript sdk. Actually it’s already possible if you make use of the current develop branch on GitHub :slight_smile: But keep in mind it will have some breaking changes this time. Specifically in regards to contract interaction.

Here the open PR (draft) for the beta release:


Thank more and more people for joining us in this great cause.Originally, it is internalized in the heart of the people, and the power of lofty aspirations is infinite.

thanks for the awesome information.