Ae sdk for script tag for sending Ae to any email

Greetings Everyone,

I was working on a project that will be live on (Currently can be tested here at )

What it does is it sends ETH to any email by making a new account for a receiver on the backend and sending the receiver its account details one time only to further withdraw funds (WIP). I did the frontend in semantic UI (Basic framework HTML/CSS/Jquery/JS), not like my other projects which are based on VUE js (A year ago I wanted to try Semantic UI so I made it but it’s not public yet)

So I wanted to integrate AE transfers with ETH in them, however, it’s not using polyfills (Vuejs bundling etc.) but simple HTML/CSS/JS.

I can do integrations from the backend like (making a new paper wallet for every new user and sending it to the emails) but for the front end (As you will notice it currently uses Metamask) and for this integration I was expecting to use Superhero wallet. But I found that scan wallet is not a feature of ae SDK that is imported using script page ( and ae Base app look to be discontinued.

What would be another solution for it?

Jeevanjot Singh.


You need to make some adjustments to the SDK. I think @Baixin.chain can help you

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