AE Token migration process doubts


Today i have transferred my AE ERC 20 Tokens from an exchange to Airgap wallet ERC20 address. The tokens also successfully transferred to this Airgap wallet ERC 20 Address. Now my question these coins will be automatically migrated to the mainnet after hardfork in September or i have to do anything from my end still ?


Hey @siva,

No, AirGap will not migrate your tokens automatically.

You should use AirGap to create a Mainnet AE address (ak_) - check out this video guide on how to migrate your tokens using AirGap and MetaMask:

When creating your wallet in AirGap you select æternity, and not æternity Ethereum Token.

Your ERC20 AE tokens should be transferred from MetaMask or MyEtherWallet.

Let us know how it goes,