AE Token Migration Questions


Hello everyone!

Please use this topic to ask questions related to the recently published Token Migration blog post. We will be happy to provide as much clarity as possible.

The AE team


The mining reward is proportional to the total token. If only half of the token migrated, the inflation base will be calculated by that?


The mining reward is not proportional to the total amount of tokens. The current value is 10 AE per key block.


Yes, the current value of the mining reward is 10 AE but this is about to change.

Since we are aiming at a certain inflation rate, it will be computed according it. We have a Pivotal Task for this - compute coinbase based on inflation target.

The PT doesn’t make it clear if the base for the inflation would be the total amount or the migrated tokens one. AFAIK - this is not yet decided (although it might as well had been decided and I am not aware of it). I am in team “use total amount”.


Hi there,
I am using Ledger Live with Ledger Nano S (Firmware 1.4.2, MCU 1.5) and cannot create an AEternity account/address because AEternity is not in the list of App catalog. Do I miss anything? Thanks


Hey, before you see the aeternity option in Ledger, they will need to update their software. The same goes for AirGap. Both companies are working on that currently and once the updates go out in the Play and App store, the aeternity option will appear.


Probably TREZOR will not support ae token. Is airgap vault also possible on computer or just mobile app?


AirGap is a mobile application. Have a look here.


I received this question in Bitcointalk and thought it is a good idea to share it here as well:

After first migration-fork, will there be two versions of AE on the trading-sites, one representing the old testnet-tokens and the other representing the new mainnet-tokens?

Yes, until all exchanges only list the AE coin and not the AE token (currently existing in the Ethereum network), there will be two AE coins available. However, one of them will be an ERC20 token (not a Testnet token) and the other - Mainnet coin.



From the migration blog, there is this step indicated by the following graphic. When the user clicks “MIGRATE ON MEW”, will they be redirected to the MEW website? And if so, what will be seen?:


Why everything is so convoluted and odd? Is it possible to start migration already? You mentioned Ledger, airgap, etc. There is no support for AE (except erc20) in Ledger, no support in Airgap as well (except erc20). When and how to start migration? Where is a migration application? You are making a rocket science from a simple contract execution process.


Hey @_dog and @sammy007,

We are currently preparing detailed guides on token migration and will share it with you very soon.

You’ll have all the information you need.




will it be possible to migrate AE tokens to AE coins on exchanges in the first half of 2019 ?



What happens if I decide to keep my tokens? If they are migrated to main net will I be able to sell them if wanted?


We cannot promise you this, but I personally think it is very likely.


You will be able to sell your Mainnet AE once an exchange starts supporting it or OTC to other users. So if you migrate now, you will not be able to manage your AE before Mainnet launch and then you will need to wait for an exchange to list it.


Thanks Vlad! All clear now. Go aeternity!



Unfortunately i sent my AE tokens from my liqui account to my bittrex account (Long story) and they (Bittrex) don’t support AE tokens… this is the reply i received from Bittrex…

Is there anyway i can get these tokens registered on the mainnet so i can potentially count on them in the future? This is of course dependant on Bittrex listing the coin !!

Bittrex does not currently have the this coin listed on the site. These coins cannot be recovered at this time. Should we list this coin in the future there is a possibility we may recover these coins. Please submit a ticket requesting recovery if this coin becomes a listed coin in the future.

Fingers crossed…



Unfortunately, it seems bettrex will never list AE token. Because when AE mainnet alive, they will list AE currency if the want.


Hi, I’m trying to migrate using MetaMask, so after that I scanned address QR in migration site and select MetaMask in order to continue with process I receive message " Not enough ETH / There is not enough ether to complete this transaction", how can I do in order to follow, I doesn’t have Ethers just AE tokens.