AE Token Migration Questions

Hi, AE token price should go up, remember that the migration process will continue until next year.


Any news if at least the top exchanges like binance will support the swap? This would be just the best option for many users in my opinion.

Hey @boxalex,

No info concerning Binance yet, but we have created a list of exchanges that support the Mainnet AE token and we update it regularly - find it here.


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I have a problem with the U2F message. I use a Chrome browser, but I can not unlock my wallet at I do exactly the same steps as the clip that is for tokens migration, but I go to unlocking the wallet. I apply picture as proof.

ae.png1366x768 95.9 KB

Below I’m sending you a transaction proving the availability of my AE tokens in Ledger Wallet. Please report their availability and give me instructions on how to transfer them to your new blockchain / migration /.

2019-01-04 13:21:42

Address: [0x9A58fF0b4aF7DF763F51943AF8a96feC4697df68]
Txid: [0x2939c412600970834d0cbdad2fbeb13fffce2e8f8e864268e41d682e44e8889f]

Is it likely to lose them for some reason?

Best regards
J. Shuhutev

@Joro I had the same issue with the U2F error using my ledger. I did not find a solution to get it to work on my computer and I ended up creating a new wallet on Jaxx and used the private key on MEW, which was an annoying extra step that decreased security, but at least it worked

Defintely do not continue with the migration if you get an error message. I would suggest to access the LEdger wallet through MetaMask on Chrome.


Hey @Joro,

Our devs provided an answer to your question here:

Let us know how it goes,

Hello hello,

I have some problems with the migration via MEW. My MEW is secured with a digitalbitbox. After i create the migration transaction i get re-directed to MEW as i should. Then i have to unlock my MEW wallet via the bitbox. Here is were i get a problem. The migration link disappears and in get routed to the regular MEW Digitalbitbox main login page. I have tried the tip of using the "vintage.MEW site. This does not work, because it will not unlock my MEW. Does anyone have an idea how to migrate my tokens?
Kind regards, Floris

Hey @Floris

Seems that MyEtherWallet have upgraded their web application, and seems they don’t support the URL building / Sending Transactions through the new MEW.

Like you mentioned, using vintage opens up the old MEW, and it seems you have trouble with it as well. We have sent an email to MEW team and see how we can fix this issue.

I’ll try to update you further. For now, if you’re in a hurry, I would suggest to try vintage once more, and see what might be the issue, since there is a chance that it is an issue with the U2F protocol that connects with your hardware device.

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Thank you for the quick reply!

I’m not in a hurry, so i will wait for your update or a fix at MEW.


Hey @Floris,

Bear in mind that Phase 1 of AE token migration ends tomorrow so you may want to consider other ways to transfer your tokens.

We can’t guarantee whether there would be a fix to the MEW issue by tomorrow.

Find here more information:


I succeed to migrate via exchange in real-time.
Deposit ERC20 token, and then withdraw Aeternity mainnet coin immediately. But be careful, Gate may require you be verified to withdraw money.

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That is great @xiahui135,
We are currently working towards getting more exchanges on board so that migration could be as easy as possible for all users :wink:

Hi! I have done migration process via Aeternity Base Web migration app. But i see zero tokens migration result and eth transaction were done i have no tokens left on MEW. Is it okay or i lost my AE?

Hello. Please send me the ETH address that you migrated your tokens from.

Hi Vlad, i have the same Problem. I migrated yesterday some of my tokens, but i don t see them.

i migrated them from eth adress:

eth: 0x53b8B6E03612c74b7fA8259641F944D61d7D16a6

Tx: [0xfa474342bbc6c57b5bedd49d2f3093a7e311425d6bcffa684c963bb35e401f11]

To: [0x5ca9a71b1d01849c0a95490cc00559717fcf0d1d]

would be nice if you could help.


Hey Joe,

If you just migrated, then your tokens will become available after the hard fork in September. We are already in Phase 3 of token migration :wink:


Hi @ae-albena,

I migrated my tokens on 22NOV2018, thanks to your help. I got a proof of migration that I could download as a PDF file “aeternity Token Migration” and I checked with “AEternity Token Migration Payload Verification Tool”, I can see my migrated tokens in applicantion ready to send founds to any exchange in order to get my money back, but format of addresses are different: Exchange is giving me an address type “0xd89…” and send option in is waiting an address “ak_ …”.

What I should do in order to send AE to exchange?

Hey @leocardo, the 0x is the ETH token format. You need to trade on an exchange that supports the Mainnet AE token (the ak format).

We’ve listed all those exchanges in this spreadsheet below -

So, choose one of them and trade away :slight_smile:


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Great! Spasiva again @ae-albena, You are the girl! :wink:

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