AE Token Migration Questions

Hey @Floris,

Bear in mind that Phase 1 of AE token migration ends tomorrow so you may want to consider other ways to transfer your tokens.

We can’t guarantee whether there would be a fix to the MEW issue by tomorrow.

Find here more information:


I succeed to migrate via exchange in real-time.
Deposit ERC20 token, and then withdraw Aeternity mainnet coin immediately. But be careful, Gate may require you be verified to withdraw money.

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That is great @xiahui135,
We are currently working towards getting more exchanges on board so that migration could be as easy as possible for all users :wink:

Hi! I have done migration process via Aeternity Base Web migration app. But i see zero tokens migration result and eth transaction were done i have no tokens left on MEW. Is it okay or i lost my AE?

Hello. Please send me the ETH address that you migrated your tokens from.

Hi Vlad, i have the same Problem. I migrated yesterday some of my tokens, but i don t see them.

i migrated them from eth adress:

eth: 0x53b8B6E03612c74b7fA8259641F944D61d7D16a6

Tx: [0xfa474342bbc6c57b5bedd49d2f3093a7e311425d6bcffa684c963bb35e401f11]

To: [0x5ca9a71b1d01849c0a95490cc00559717fcf0d1d]

would be nice if you could help.


Hey Joe,

If you just migrated, then your tokens will become available after the hard fork in September. We are already in Phase 3 of token migration :wink: