AE token migration

Hello, I had some aeternity tokens in my ether wallet. Could you please help me to migrate them to the mainnet? Thanks in advance!


Я больше года просил помощи в переносе АЕ через этот АИРГАП. Поэтому если вдруг получиться отпишитесь пожалуйста.

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I have the same issue, the link I found in other places doesn’t work anymore. Anyobdy havre some help here?

Did you receive any answer from them?

Did you receive any answer from them in regards to the migration?

no haven’t received an answer yet… hope they get back to me soon. Will let you know if they do!

We keep in touch and we have to solve the problem.

me too.
I want to migrate.

I questioned in telegram 2days ago.
A people say
“the migration site is currently being fixed, I will ping you when it is up and running again, but yes, you can still convert them to be native ae network coins”.

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Thanks, would be great if you vould post it when you get an update!

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Good day @fffelix @hiro @nmnmnm