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This year is the first year of China’s 14th Five-Year Plan. On Friday, the two sessions learned that from 2021 to 2025, the global technological revolution will enter a historic stage of superimposed explosion. This means that the changes and outbreaks of the industry are triggered by technological iterations. However, we have to think about a profound problem from the perspective of AE business. If a small company located in Europe succeeds in technology research and development, will it end up being a wedding dress for a large company? “Hey, Siri” The voice assistant in Apple’s mobile phone has been launched as soon as it was launched. It has won the world’s largest sales volume. Siri is not developed by Apple. As the hero behind the development of Siri, there is a family that many people have never heard of. The small company Nuance.

The release of Siri has also become the last highlight of Nuance. A small company has achieved technical success, but failed to continue its glory on the road to commercialization. What happened behind this? Nuance was born out of Stanford International Research Institute. He initially provided technical consulting services, but they found that they had no advantage in competing with large companies with money and people on a popular track.
In the end, even if a community-operated technology team succeeds, it is also the result of being sold. To get out of the predicament, it must have the ability to be a platform, do business, and do patented technology. I hope that AE will get more and more, instead of relying on a group of AE fans to be great every day.


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