AEasy is Convenient æternity Framework


I am the developer of briefly introduce AEasy. The following is the introduction of AEasy

Name: AEasy


Introduction: simple, fast and convenient to achieve the eternal aaepp development.

Function: node API call, data on the chain, transfer,OAuth authorization login, quickly create AEX9 token

As a developer myself, I used to work in My original idea was to develop an aepp. However, I am also a blockchain whiter. According to my understanding, it can quickly help developers to realize dapp development on the basis of BSV, more than 80% of BSV applications are implemented on it, which changes my idea. Therefore, I implemented a set of help on the basis of Aeternity, which is the same as, which can quickly realize ecological development, and make the development of aepp convenient and fast.

Now the boxaepp I’m working on has been developed based on aeasy. Below are the screenshots of aeasy-io and boxaepp image

boxaepp image


Thank you very much for everything you do for the AE community.
When will this app launch.
I am looking forward to testing it :100:

At present, it has been launched and can be used. Users in China are suggested to use mobile phone number for registration, while those in other countries are suggested to use email for registration

Decentralized aepp?is there any open source code?

@emin.chain @yani.chain Guys, should you actively fund these people who are fighting for AE? They are stronger and AE will be stronger.

the establishment and foundation fund and have funded quite a lot of projects and people but this is nothing we can fund as long the source code is not public and as long it is a custodial wallet. please do your own due dilligence before using wallets.

@Baixin nice to see progress! how are the screenshots related to the moneybutton? a moneybutton-like widget will be also part of maybe you want to join the dev team and also contribute to this open source project and get funding?


@yani.chain Glad to hear from you. Aeasy. IO has nothing to do with serves AE, while serves BSV. is not a wallet. It is a fast-growing aepp framework that allows developers to operate without relationship chain. For example, wallet can directly realize data link, deployment, AEX9 token creation through API call, etc. it can help developers to quickly develop the functions they want and greatly reduce costs. Now there are several companies in China that can easily enter

I am applying for the developer fund, and I can let more people know about, improve the server configuration, and make the ecology of AE more powerful. But I haven’t received the result for nearly a month. Mark asked me to introduce myself to the forum. But it seems that the progress is not very fast

If the community needs the source code, I can open it. Let more people use it.
Open source will be uploaded within 10 business days if supported by the foundation.

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tip: if you want to apply for a grant, better open source up front. projects can’t be inspected if the source is closed and nobody can get funded just because of a simple login and screenshots.

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@yani.chain Ok, Thank you for your prompt . I know, I did not know the application process before, I will open the source code of aeasy-io.
What is the next process after open source? Waiting for the reply from the foundation?

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Aeasy-io update

  1. Aeasy-io Android SDK is 50% complete and supports OAuth2 authorized login
  2. Add AENS interface
  3. The home page of box aepp based on aeasy-io has been docked

Work contents of last week:
Updated version of aeasy

  1. Modify the authorized login method, aeasy open and transparent decentralization principle
  2. Add aens API

Box aepp

  1. Connect with aeasy and complete the authorized login
  2. Aens domain name related page display has been completed, auction, is about to expire, the latest registration, my domain name, I am registering the domain name

Expected to be completed this week:

  1. Aeasy documentation with a new, open part of the wallet API
  2. Box aepp expects to complete all functions of aens this week, including, domain name registration markup, domain name one-click renewal, domain name details."