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Hi @LiuShao.chain thanks for the work you’re doing to grow and help the community.

I’d suggest to try adding cloudflare in front of the website, they usually can handle relatively big DoS attacks for free.

However I don’t know if this going to affect China users as I’m not aware if GFW filter traffic to cloudflare as they are American company.

Maybe you have similar local service that can be used too.

Good luck

Hi, @dincho.chain thanks for your advice. I did use cloudflare up front, but in China it becomes slow and occasionally unreachable. In addition, current attacks mainly come from mail and user login collisions, as well as continuous login requests. It’s currently accessible, but it’s a waste of resources. Aeknow also currently has a large number of requests and has to increase the cache cycle.

I applied for Foundation support for server funds. But I ignored the need for attack protection, so there was no additional cost. He needs a lot of money to use a better VIP service.

It is currently available, so I have no plans to upgrade it.

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@LiuShao.chain 做得很好, aechina.io一直在我的收藏夹中。希望尽快继续保持更新。

Thank you for your great support and the Foundation will continue to support your efforts and will try to expand overall efforts into China. If you have specific ideas or proposals please tell us so we can discuss them and decide about additional support. It is important for us to be transparent about our challenges but also the support we give to initiatives like yours all over the world!

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Hey @LiuShao.chain

Please provide English translation of your post or it will be moved to the Chinese category.

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My English is not good. In this case, I can only post the result of Google translation.

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Ok, that’s fine, thank you.

google translation is fine.

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The AEChina node has launched a new server, which is currently synchronized to the height of block 147631. It is believed that it can be used normally soon.
Users in China and Asia can use it. Please pay attention to whether the block height is synchronized with other platforms.



The block height has been synchronized. Now the node can be used normally.

I’ve tried to launch a dozen deals, and it’s all right.

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