AENS.IO Using tutorial

@Baixin prepared this tutorial, if anyone has any issues or concerns , welcome to discuss with him. It is a one-stop service system for viewing and browsing domain names, registering domain names and updating otc domain names. All codes are open source and can be safely used. Relying on aeasy-io framework, it is a decentralized management system that will not save any user’s private key and other information.

Here’s how to use it (take domain name registration as an example)

1.Visit to enter

Log in to the change system, and the change system USES mnemonic words to log in (mnemonic words are common with Base AEPP)


If there is no mnemonic, also supports the generation of mnemonic. Users can click create to register, and use from the perspective of new users

After the mnemonic is generated, you must keep your mnemonic well, and it is better to write it in the small book to prevent theft. Below, we enter the mnemonic just generated to log in. After the login is successful, a temporary password will be set for use when operating funds, which will be more secure

After successful login, it will jump to the home page, we can carry out the citation switch, also can view the domain name in the auction and the domain name in the domain name market out of position trading, we will register the domain name below

After entering the page can see the domain name and address of the current account, if you want to register the domain name need to transfer to the address you have just registered account, can make use of currency exchange withdrawal, such as fire has transfer to the address below instead by other purse, after the success of the transfer, in the domain name registration, domain name registration time length and cost of the ae tokens are not the same note, you can choose according to their own requirements, the highest register. About 600 ae also not immediately to account after registration, domain name to the account of different digits time is different also, if the auction period being purchase tokens will return to the same domain Original account. So register domain name as soon as possible.

If you do not have the need to register a domain name, please see the menu bar on the left. supports Both Chinese and English, which can help you quickly understand the website


Okay, okay, great