AENS.update failed

There is an update_name function, and I merged it to:

The contract deployed successfully, and it can transfer AENS names and be transferred. But when I called update_name, the tx info shows failed, and the AENS name was not updated either.

Then I simplified the function to:

stateful entrypoint update_name(owner : address, name : string) =
let pointer = Some({ [“account_pubkey”] = AENS.AccountPt(Call.caller)})
AENS.update(owner, name, None, None,pointer)

The calling of it still can not update the AENS name. Such as this tx:

I called:


I am not sure where I went wrong :joy:

I tried Lima 5.11 and Iris 6.0.0 rc3, with golang sdk.

Is required to pass in the signature information?

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The document shows that if the contract is the owner of the AENS name, the signature could be left empty.

If the question is why doesn’t this IRIS feature work on mainnet when we haven’t reached the protocol update height - well then the answer is that IRIS features does not work on LIMA. If there is another question in there I can’t parse it…


Got it~ Thanks very much :smiley:

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