Aepp-js-sdk Wallet Connection The problem

Hello ~
When I was using the AEPP-JS-SDK
Application mode:Simple Usage: with <script>

It is found that the SDK does not expose related methods. Can you add it to the update?


I don’t understand what is the problem? Can you elaborate more on what are you trying to achieve and what is the concrete issue you have?

My goal is that my AEPP is going to be plugged into my wallet
But my references are introduced as
When I look up the example, I find that I need to retrieve the message whether the wallet is connected or not, which is the method in the browser-window-message.js class
I looked through the source code of js-sdk again and found that there was no export, so I could not find how to use way how to access the wallet for payment

@milenradkov.chain Can you help me check it out? I’m tired

<script src=""></script>

Using the SDK this way, how does AEPP connect to the wallet