Æpps Update: JavaScript SDK


Hey everyone,

Our latest æpps update is again dedicated to developers, but this time we introduce our JavaScript SDK and command line tool.

Read the blog post to learn how to install and use the SDK and how to incorporate it in your project.

What’s more, you can follow the newly created @aeternityTECH Twitter account focused specifically on tech updates from our blockchain and æpps teams.

Best regards,


This is an exciting dev tool. Perhaps, one of the more important to have available. :slight_smile:

I noticed in the github that example:
./bin/aecli.js wallet mywallet create`

But I read in another forum post that the command wallet was changed to account.
Is this true with the JS SDK?

I haven’t downloaded this SDK or even tinkered with it yet, but just curious if the commands in CLI implementations stay current with each other.