AEproject v3.0.5 & update of aepp-sophia-examples

Hello æveryone :slight_smile:

now as the Iris hardfork is finally live on testnet as well as mainnet :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: I want to share a short update regarding the development tooling of aeternity.


  • v3.0.5 has been released recently and can now be used for local development
  • it’s now hosted under the aeternity organisation on NPM @aeternity/aeproject
  • spinning up the local development environment runs node v6.0.0 and http-compiler v6.0.0 by default which allows you to make use of the new cool features that were introduced with Iris
    • take a look at the CHANGELOG of the Sophia compiler to see what changed and which new features have been introduced since v4.3.0
  • a new project scaffold generated with AEproject will provide you examples how to:
    • include a custom library in a Sophia contract (for tests this wasn’t working in the past as @VitalJeevanjot recently observed)
    • test your Sophia contract
    • deploy our Sophia contract

Note: If you already have an old version of AEproject installed it is recommended to uninstall it first prior to installing the new version. There is also a Migration Guide provided for developers that want to update their old project structure to be compatible with the new AEproject version.


  • the repository was completely restructured now and is following the default scaffold of AEproject
  • contracts have been updated to be compatible with compiler v6.0.0
  • for each of the contracts there are corresponding tests you can take a look at and execute locally if you want
    • a github action ensures that all tests are working on a new commit
  • there are also other respositories linked in the README like the ae-oracle-pricefeed (which also includes an example contract that showcases how to query oracles from a Sophia Smart Contract) or the reference implementation of the AEX-9 Fungible Token Standard (which has also been updated to be compatible with the latest compiler version)

We know that toolchain is still not perfect. We are looking forward to further improve and refactor AEproject and finally finish the work @gorbak25 has started by providing the possibility to use a Chainsimulator which will dramatically improve dev experience.

If you face any problems or if you think you can help us improving the toolchain, please reach out! :slight_smile:


Well done, thank you.