Aeternity AE ascending triangle 74% Profit possibility


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Hello guys!

As you can see, was having a ascending triangle all the way from 6.3K satoshi to 2.7k.

Now it seems we retraced at fibonacci 0.236 and having strong support arround ~3K.

Looks like we’re going to take off soon. RSI Candle indicator is showing strong candles ATM.

Open up a long ~3K and hold it out. We’ll see a retreacment soon.

Resistance zones would be our target zones.

Short term:

R1/TP1 = 3.391 sat

R2/TP2 = 3958 sat

Medium-Long term:

R3/TP3 = 4512 sat

R4/TP4 = 5294 sat

Stoploss: 2595 sat

Tell me what do you think!




There’s a price speculation thread


can you link me to it? :slight_smile:


Here it is.