Aeternity ambassador in Spain on the European Blockchain Convention Barcelona 2020

Hi everyone,

Here is Manel Ruiz in the European Blockchain Convention, doing networking and talking about Aeternity with other attendees.
It really seems like interoperability it’s going to be a Hot topic on 2020. I would like to know if the Aeternity Core team it’s interested in the permisionless integration of Aeternity with so It Will be interconnected to Ethereum, Binance Chain and Nuls.
Would be cool to hear from them @erik.chain



Great to hear you are at the European Blockchain Convention @Manel! Please share your experiences there with us :smiley:

We will discuss this and soon get back to you about the offer for interoperability with


Great to hear that

We the European Blockchain Convention it’s a very corporative event, but I could feel a diference with the last year edition…most corporative people start to realize that just public Blockchains Matter, that Private Permisioned Blockchains are bullshit.:love_you_gesture:

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Vechain CEO doing a presentation