Aeternity and Facebook developers Circle Gombe hangout

We are scheduled for 7th March to introduce Facebook developers Circle in Gombe state to aeternity’s smart contract language and to have them learn how to write smart contract and connect their frontend to the Blockchain. We intend to have some of them getting their hands dirty with Sophia’s syntax.


Hey @Stephensunday.chain, that sounds nice. Do you have a meetup link or other details about the hangout?


I am very sorry I have been so busy with the conference in Abuja and missed this

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The meetup was held and a couple of developers came for the meetup. I was able to introduce them to the whole concept of Aeternity and why aeternity and what aeternity is solving as far as Blockchain is concern. Also I was able to demonstrate how Sophia works and showed them how to write a smart contract, test and deploy using the fireeditor IDE.