Aeternity as the Oracle for all (smart) blockchains


This seems kind of obvious now. But if Aeternity is going to have oracles as first class objects. And if it is robust. Then why not make a few tweaks and turn Aeternity into the oracle solution for all blockchains??

This would require the addition of one perhaps two features to the codebase. Mainly, the ability to not just read from the real world, but to write to it. e.g. to submit transactions onto other blockchains.

That way, other blockchains do not need to invent an oracle that reads the real world.

One objection might be that the other blockchain would need to be able to at least read the AE blockchain - in essence have an oracle & defeating the purpose of using Aeternity. However, if Aeternity could read other blockchain, it could an also listen for oracle requests in the form of transactions that are purely internal on that other blockchain - thus the other blockchain would only need to make internal requests to addresses on it’s own chain… Aeternity would respond accordingly and write the requested info.

Of course, there are probably some edge cases or issues, but this seems plausible. And I think, if possible, it would be very worthwhile to build that into the future codebase (oracles are needed everywhere). Imagine, among Ethereum programmers it becoming a standard practice to write smart contracts that request real world data using Aeternity oracles! :slight_smile:


If I’m not mistaken oracle data can be practically anything. So this case is already valid and is awaiting someone to build it.


Hey! It is a great idea and I am sure we can actually make this happen, but it is currently not in the roadmap. I would say that we first need healthy oracle marketplaces that serve aeternity smart contracts and after a while, we can think of making the oracles available to other blockchains.

This is kind of an interoperability question and those will be solved in the future. Currently, we focus on building a robust blockchain and run commercially useful aepps. :slight_smile: